Our cakes are baked fresh using high quality ingredients so we guarantee a moist and delicious cake everytime.



We guarantee all of our cakes to be as delicious to eat as they are beautiful to look at.


Cakes and cake decorations are always made to order and are personalised according your requirements. 

Cake Flavors

Classic Cake Flavors 


Vanilla Cake 

Tender layers of vanilla infused cake with creamy vanilla buttercrem


Chocolate Cake 

Rich and moist layers of chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream


Lemon Cake

Tangy layers of lemon cake with lemon buttercream


Redvelvet Cake

Moist and velvety layers of redvelvet cake with smooth cream cheese frosting


Marble Cake

Swirled layers of vanilla and chocolate cake with vanilla/chocolate buttercream



Colorful sprinkled layers of vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream


Almond Cake

White layers of almond infused vanilla cake with almond buttercream


Nutella Cake

Fluffy layers of vanilla cake with nutella buttercream


Mango Cake

Light and fluffy layers of mango infused cake with mango buttercream



Speciality Cake Flavors


Caramel Cake

Buttery moist layers of caramel infused cake with caramel buttercream


Mocha Cake

Rich layers of coffee infused chocolate cake with mocha buttercream


Cookies and Cream Chocolate Delight Cake

 Moist layers of chocolate cake with crushed oreo cookies filled with oreo buttercream


Cookies and Cream Vanilla Delight Cake

 Moist layers of vanilla cake with crushed oreo cookies filled with oreo buttercream


Biscoff Cake

 Fluffy layers of vanilla cake with crushed biscoff cookies filled with biscoff buttercream


White Chocolate Cake

Rich layers of white vanilla cake with white chocolate buttercream


Strawberry Cake

Moist layers of strawberry swirled cake with strawberry buttercream


Blackberry Cake

Moist layers of Blackberry infused cake with Blackberry buttercream



Fusion Filled Cake Flavors


Raspberry White Chocolate Cake

Moist layers of vanilla cake filled with layers of raspberry preserves and white chocolate ganache with vanilla buttercream


Peanuter Butter Chocolate Cake

Rich layers of chocolate cake filled with layers of creamy peanut butter buttercrem and chocolate ganache with chocolate buttercream


Lemon Blueberry Cake

Light layers of vanilla cake filled with blueberry preserves and lemon creamcheese frosting with vanilla buttercream


Strawberry shortcake

Spongy layers of vanilla cake filled with strawberry preserves and cream cheese frosting with strawberry buttercream


Treats Flavors

Cupcake Flavors

Red Velvet

Moist Redvelet cake with creamcheese frosting




Caramel flavored cake with caramel buttercream




Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream

White Chocolate

Vanilla cake with white chocolate buttercream 




Strawberry Cake with strawberry buttercream




Chocolate mocha cake with mocha buttercream 




Banana flavor cake with Banana creamcheese frosting



Chai Latte

Chai flavored cake with a spiced chai cream cheese frosting

Cookies and Cream

Chocolate oreo cake with Cookies & Cream Frosting

Biscoff Cupcakes

Moist yellow cake with Biscoff buttercream


Butterscotch Cupcake

Butterscotch flavored Cake with Butterscotch buttercream


Funfetti Cupcake

Funfetti Cupcake with Vanilla buttercream










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